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Does wood harbor mold in a flower room? Considering many greenhouses are wood framed...

I have a big question regarding the use of wood in flower rooms.
I’ve worked with many medical growers who utilize wood beds lined with pond liner. Even in rooms with low VPD (80-85f and 70-80rH) I’ve never observed mold on the wood. I have been warned by companies that wood will harbor mold and increase the microbial bioburden in finished product. I don’t agree with this statement, but I’d like to know if any of you have thoughts, observations, or data on the topic.

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Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin  replied:

Hi Jaya, 


I answered this via email, and didn't realize it was posted here too. I avoid wood because it's porous, and any porous substance is a place where dust can settle and then feed microbes of various kinds. I like having smooth cleanable surfaces in grow rooms.