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Andy Joseph
Andy Joseph  replied:

Thanks for the question!  “Small CO2 extraction plant” is a bit vague, so I’ll try to offer a few different options that are available on the market today.


SAFETY NOTE: It’s is worth noting that there are a number of “home-made” CO2 extraction options that may be even cheaper than what I listed below, but I would strongly recommend avoiding them.  CO2 extraction operates at pressures ranging from 1,000-5,000psi, and usually requires heat to be added to the extraction vessel.  Without proper design, construction and pressure safety reliefs, a vessel can easily be overheated and pressure can rapidly rise causing a very unsafe condition!  Don’t do it!  Only use vessels and components that are designed for proper operation at the intended pressures and temperatures!


The least expensive CO2 extraction system on the market today is from OCO Labs.  At just $4,000, it can process about one ounce (28g) in 60-90 minutes.  Supercritical parameters will yield around 15% for decent material.   


The next level offers a couple of options.  One is the 1500-1L from Apeks Supercritical.  These units cost $39,000 and process about 3/4 pound (300g) in 6 hours with subcritical parameters.  For a faster extraction using supercritical parameters, consider the CannabisSFE from SFT.  This unit is $35,500 and can process up to 1 pound (454g) in 30 minutes.   Both of these units are semi-automatic and require the operator to start and end the cycles.


For more throughput there are a wide number of options available, but the least expensive fully automated CO2 extraction system is the i.2000-5LD from Apeks Supercritical.  This unit offers subcritical and supercritical capabilities, and can process 7-10 pounds per day for a cost of $84,000.  


Feel free to contact us at 740-809-1160 if you would like to discuss extractor sizing and the value of full automation!