Christie Lunsford

Founder. Educator. Consultant.


Cannabis science and technology intellectual management and consulting. Cannabis education, Product and Brand development.

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Cannabis Advocate, Cannabis Science, Technology and Sustainability Guru. 

Pro MAX Grow Chief Operating Officer, Christie Lunsford is cannabis industry veteran and was awarded the first Cannabis Woman of the Year Award at the December 2015 Cannabis Business Awards. 

Additionally, Christie is founder of Endocannabinoidology, LLC. a consulting firm providing cannabis science, technology and education management assistance to businesses and investors in cannabis. Christie has served as a consultant during the licensing, development, and formulation phases of multiple cultivations, medical cannabis centers and infused product manufacturers in California, Colorado, Illinois and Washington State. Recently, Christie successfully guided a client through a complex regulatory process to obtain one of the five medical cannabis business permits awarded in New York State. 

Prior to launching Endocannabinoidology, Christie distinguished herself as an industry leader by focusing on cannabis industry product standards. She served on the 2013 American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee, and currently sits on the Standards Creations Committee for both Infused Products and Cultivation of the Foundation of United Cannabis Standards (FOCUS). 
Endocannabinoidology and Pro Max Grow are both proud members of the National Cannabis Industry Association where Christie serves on the Board of Directors. 


Founder. Educator. Consultant.

October 2013 - present

Cannabis science and technology intellectual management and consulting. Cannabis education, Product and Brand development.


Pro MAX Grow
July 2016 - present

Specialized LED horticultural lighting technologies.

Cannabis Business Times, Christie Lunsford to lead expansion of Pro MAX Grow Horticultural Lighting

Education and Marketing Manager

Dixie Elixirs and Edibles
June 2012 - March 2014

Cannabis industry education, media, marketing and consumer relations.

Promoted and grew Dixie Elixirs brand in media by creating, authoring and publishing articles. Implemented competitive marketing strategies. Analyzed and prepared sales forecasts, marketing strategies, market trends. Planned, organized and presented educational seminars. Ensured legal compliance by monitoring local, state and federal laws and standards for each market. Developed and implemented best practices. Oversaw brand creation for multiple product lines in Colorado and nationally. 

Cultivator, Cannabinioid Product Development and Manufacturing

Cannabis Magic
October 2009 - June 2012

State legal cannabis grower under Colorado Admendment 20. Cannabis Infused Product Development and Manufacturing for natural herbal product line including cannabis tintures, topicals and teas under Colorado HB 1284. 



History of Hemp
The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine
October 2014

6 Part series on the history of hemp. 

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