Cody Bass

Founder & Executive Director

Tahoe Wellness Cooperative

NCIA Board Member and Cannabis Advocate

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Cody Bass is a national cannabis leader living a life committed to loving and learning about cannabis. Over the past two decades Cody has inspired many people throughout his journey to further the freedom of the cannabis plant. Cody has been appointed to serve on city commissions for drafting regulations which were passed and proven effective. Growing up in a prominent cannabis family his belief is from experiencing first hand the failed policy around cannabis, creating a lifelong commitment to reform cannabis as a crime and create a new cannabis policy.

Cody was born into cannabis, but ventured into cultivating cannabis at the age of eighteen in the hills of Mendocino. He purchased his first parcel of land at twenty five to cultivate cannabis. This property is now licensed with Mendocino County for the legal cultivation for Tahoe Wellness Cooperative. Cody founded Tahoe Wellness Cooperative in January of 2009 and continues to serve as the Executive Director. Tahoe Wellness Cooperative is a model dispensary in the cannabis industry with high standards of testing and sustainability throughout the operations of the cooperative. Cody believes that humanity has a right to all of plant life, saying “for what heals us as humans should never be limited or withheld.”

Cody’s optimism, passion, and overall knowledge of cannabis is the driving force of his everyday life and character. A passion from his youth, his unique perspective has made him a known and respected cannabis advocate and expert.


Founder & Executive Director

Tahoe Wellness Cooperative
January 2009 - present

I founded Tahoe Wellness Cooperative in January of 2009 as the first medical cannabis dispensary in Lake Tahoe. In our nine years of operation I have created a model that has been replicated through out the industry. I was appointed to the commision in 2011 for the City of South Lake Tahoe that was responsible for drafting South Lake Tahoe's ordinance which licensed Tahoe Wellness Cooperative. We are a vertical integrated cooperative, with a cultivation, extraction, dispensary, and community center all under one roof, and fully licensed since 2011. Tahoe Wellness Cooperative also operates a thirty acre farm in Mendocino County which has a permit for the maximum allowed in the county, a ten thousand square foot sungrown canopy. We have also complied and completed the State Water Board requirements for licensing at the state level.

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