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With are rare combination of skills, Erin has become an expert in start-ups, leadership, and what it takes to succeed in the cannabis space.

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Erin Phillips obtained the first recreational cannabis sales license in the world for one of her clients, The Annie's: A STRAINWISE® Branded Dispensary in Central City, Colorado. Under her guidance, this store was the first to be granted the privilege to sell recreational cannabis within the state of Colorado. With a rare combination of thirteen years of experience in the mortgage industry as a business owner, audit and funding leader, title company closing executive, mortgage loan expert, and loan originator, Erin has become an expert in start-ups, leadership, and what it takes to succeed in the cannabis space.

In addition to consulting on over 200 licenses, her consulting company has developed and designed a federally trademarked cannabis education program to provide guidance on the safe, responsible consumption of marijuana in its various forms.  In fact, other Colorado-based marijuana businesses as well as local municipalities have adopted and employed this successful public education campaign.

Erin understands that the primary function of any consulting company is to transition years of hard-earned experience into marketable data that can be easily consumed by clients. Over the last five years, her company has spent considerable time and resources developing written Standard Operating Procedures, and training manuals on all ranges of topics, including Production, Curing/Packaging, Retail Sales, Green Waste, Integrated Pest Control, Laboratory Testing, (potency and microbial), Delivery Security, and Facility Security. Erin has also designed and managed programs for compliant advertising and marketing campaigns, compliant packaging and labeling, social media and internet-based outreach, (podcasts and YouTube) and complete brand creation that appeals to the diverse demographics of marijuana consumers.

Erin uses this same experience to help further and legitimize the industry.  She is one of the founding members of the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the advisory board of the southern California Association of Cannabis Professionals, the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, and eCannex. She is also on the national Cannabis Industry Association’s Policy Council.  She has been hired as an expert witness on compliance for marijuana cases tried in the state of Colorado.

She and her company currently have membership interest and have held board positions in associations throughout the industry. Those include the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Marijuana Industry Group, California Growers Association, National Cannabis Industry Association, California Cannabis Industry Association, National Hemp Association, and the Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association.

Erin has co-written rules and regulations for several small jurisdictions and a complete program for a nationally recognized Native American Tribe. 

Along with her position as a mother and step-mother of four children, her additional experiences include her diverse background of charity and non-profit work, along with her volunteer work with several large Down Syndrome organizations, hospitals, homeowner’s associations and national sports groups.  She has also owned and operated a handful of small businesses in mortgage and finance field.

As the CEO of Strainwise, Erin is committed to growing the company, (as well as the cannabis industry) through powerful and successful client interactions, robust education, rulemaking group participation; thereby continuing to positively disrupt the growing marijuana business world.


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