Kyle Sherman

Compliance and Technology Expert - CEO


Founder & CEO of Flowhub, the leading POS and compliance platform in the industry processing over $1B annually.

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Kyle Sherman is the Founder and CEO of Flowhub, intuitive point of sale software for cannabis dispensaries. Based in Denver, Flowhub simplifies compliance for hundreds of cannabis retailers and cultivators across North America, processing over $1B in sales annually.

A legalization advocate and entrepreneur, Kyle is finding ways to use technology to help drive cannabis legalization forward responsibly in the United States. In 2014, Kyle began lobbying the Colorado Department of Revenue to build an API to Metrc, the state's cannabis tracking system, so that third parties like Flowhub could send data directly to the database instead of entering it manually. The Metrc API is now the standard used in more than 10 states, with Flowhub being the first vendor with a direct integration.

Kyle continually defines the company vision, strategy, and growth as Flowhub innovates the way cannabis businesses manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions, and reporting.

His goal is to grow a robust, scalable industry that is approachable for all adults and medical patients. This inherent motivation keeps Kyle and the Flowhub team passionate about providing fanatical customer service and building delightful products that enable cannabis retailers to grow their business.

Kyle has been named a Top 100 Cannabis Leader by Entrepreneur Magazine, 30 AND UNDER by Business Insider, and is an Associate Producer for the upcoming documentary “Weed the People” which aims to educate mainstream audiences about medical cannabis as a human rights issue. In addition, Kyle serves as a Founding Director and Treasurer on the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) board, an organization focused on building an inclusive industry and passing the STATES Act.

What are the challenges of building a POS software compliance platform for the cannabis industry when regulations vary so much from state to state?

What are the challenges of building a POS software compliance platform for the cannabis industry when regulations vary so much from state to state? For example, will you have to build a completely different system to serve the state of Ohio once cannabis operations begin there?  

7/29/2016 7:29:45 PM,
Kyle Sherman replied:

Great question. One of the most difficult things about working in multiple states is the ever changing regulations. However, with the proper team in place, studying the individual state regulations, and a flexible platform architecture, it can be accomplished.

It’s difficult to go into too much detail without giving away our intellectual property, but we believe we’ve figured the most efficient way to do this.