Larisa Bolivar

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

TCMS Global

17 year cannabis industry veteran working to help businesses develop growth strategies and consumer-focused business practices.

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Ms. Bolivar, is a former dispensary owner with 15 years in the cannabis movement and recognized industry pioneer in Colorado.  After dissolving her dispensary, the first in the state of Colorado pre-regulations, she began consulting in the industry in 2008, first in communications and helping to develop medical marijuana policy in places like Washington, DC, and currently develops businesses in the new cannabis industry.  She is also on the board of directors of Colorado NORML and an advisory board member with the Womens Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.  

Clients in the cannabis industry and ancillary markets include a billion dollar valuated energy management startup, cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, processors, testing labs, bed and breakfasts and other lodging facilities and products manufacturers in multiple states.  She has helped write winning applications in multiple states, this includes writing applications and project management during the application process, writing business and operational plans, and assisting in organizational development.  She also support businesses after licenses are awarded by writing policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, compliance training, audits and manuals, integrative marketing solutions, and management consulting.

Ms. Bolivar has worked in startup enviroments for most of her career in and outside of cannabis.  She worked of billion dollar valuated startup in cleantech that had a successful launch and exit, a very rare experience that brings tremendous value in helping new cannabis business scale by developing growth and managment strategies.  In total, she has a combined 20 years’ experience in corporate and business development primarily in highly regulated emerging markets. 

In addition to working on developing businesses, Ms. Bolivar has several years working on policy issues with public officials and prestigious think tanks, such as the Baker’s Institute, University of Texas in Houston, and continues to work on policy through her non-profit organization, the Cannabis Consumers Coalition.  It is also through this organization that she gains keen insight on consumer behavior, providing invaluable information for cannabis business startups.  Her references include long term movers and shakers in the cannabis industry, as well as leaders in other industries, including a young global leader with the World Economic Forum and other highly esteemed individuals.

7/8/2016 2:37:45 PM,
Larisa Bolivar replied:

Hi Brian-

Great question!  There is tremendous amount of opportunity for cannabis startups in the ancillary markets.  Areas that immediately come to mind are software applications that make compliance easier, money management/commerce applications that address the issue of the industry being an all cash industry, energy management systems to optimize cultivation center operations, energy efficient growing systems, data analytics, travel & tourism, and hospitality.  The possibilities are almost endless, but I think that the areas of opportunity that are most needed and that will be most successful are those businesses that help streamline operations’ management in a tightly regulated industry, applications that provide up-to-date information and businesses that are focused on consumer experiences that are unique and related to cannabis.

For businesses touching cannabis, I believe that topicals and concentrates are the areas that will experience a tremendous amount of growth.  Consumer demand is increasing for both types of products and in just looking at my client base for my consulting business, they make up the majority of businesses I am helping to develop. I hope that helps!