Baked Smart

3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd, #343
Portland, OR 97232

When Baked Smart co-founders Leah and Michael met in Portland, OR, they quickly realized they shared a vision of establishing themselves in the emerging cannabis industry. Shortly after that fateful meeting they launched and established Sconed Edibles. Once Sconed dialed in its flagship product, Toasted Toffee, Leah and Michael became concerned about there being no easy way to determine that their toffee was more than a piece of candy. Identifying that need for a more common sense approach to edibles safety was the catalyst for creating Baked Smart.


Baked Smart's exclusive product, Cannacals, are the industry's first edible safety designs made for easy and direct application to edibles. Green crosses make it possible to distinguish a regular food item from a food that contains cannabis and avoid accidental consumption. Cannacals can be applied to almost any food product, including candy, chocolate, and baked goods. Baked Smart's Cannacals Home Kits are designed for consumers to have a simple, quick way to apply edible green crosses to their cannabis edibles. Cannacals can be baked on at home, or easily affixed to a cannabis-infused product purchased from a dispensary. Because the cannabis industry has a long history of using the green cross as a representative symbol, Baked Smart felt it was the obvious symbol of choice for edibles. The green cross is an easily recognizable symbol and it is easy to use with food. We feel the green cross is the common sense choice for our mission of one day seeing all edibles marked with a universal symbol.


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