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As more and more states begin to allow for the expansion of a budding cannabis industry, the most important aspect of building powerful, lasting companies is experience. Many states that allow for either Medical or Recreational cannabis will not even consider a glance at an application that has been done by someone without experience. This is where STRAINWISE® Consulting can guide your process.

The founders of STRAINWISE® were among the early pioneers involved in the marijuana industry in the state of Colorado. Their combined efforts awarded them the first recreational marijuana license in the world. In the years since founding STRAINWISE and STRAINWISE Consulting, the team has branded and consulted with nine medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. STRAINWISE Consulting was influential, both in knowledge and overall support, to develop approximately 290,000 sq. ft. of sophisticated and efficient product cultivation. STRAINWISE has been involved in submitting over 190 license applications in various states with a success rate of over 95%!

History, knowledge & experience is what makes STRAINWISE Consulting, not just the industry leader, but also the right consulting and support team to help you maximize your business’ profitability and overall success. The STRAINWISE SquareOne™ consulting platform guides clients in understanding the financial dimensions and market conditions in their respective jurisdiction. This vital financial insight along with STRAINWISE’s resources, allow us to provide a multitude of fulfillment and branding services to our clients regardless of location. 

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SquareOne™ is a 3-phase consulting platform developed by STRAINWISE® that assists cannabis entrepreneurs in launching their new business successfully with measurable results. As a leader in the cultivation and sale of medical and recreational marijuana, STRAINWISE® is unsurpassed in experience, skills, and knowledge. With SquareOne™, STRAINWISE® is able to deliver concise consulting services to cannabis entrepreneurs.

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