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3C uses science, research, and education as guiding principles, prioritizing ROI, profitability and shareholder value.

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Nic is the CEO and founder of 3C, the world’s leading strategic cannabis consulting firm. 3C  has helped hundreds of clients across 26 U.S. states and 11 different countries design, start-up, build, and optimize their cannabis companies. 3C provides strategic and tactical consulting to cultivation, manufacturing, retail, delivery, distribution, and other ancillary commercial cannabis operations. Nic and 3C also own cannabis operations throughout the world including the US and Denmark.

Nic's scientific background, combined with over 15 years of agricultural field and biological experience offers the industry new possibilities of productivity, profitability, and professionalism. Over the past 11 years, Nic has worked with commercial cannabis companies around the world, has been a keynote speaker, panelist, and writer for many industry conferences and publications, as well as serving on numerous state regulatory boards ranging from agriculture, pesticides, business practices, public health and human safety. Nic holds degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology, is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, is fluent in numerous languages and used to be a passionate Grand Canyon river guide, backcountry ski guide in Colorado, and he remains an active surfer.

Nic is also the CEO and Managing Partner for Multiverse Capital (Multiverse). Multiverse is a broad-based set of cannabis investment funds covering all sectors of the industry. Multiverse holds three different investment funds, each portfolio focused on a specific cannabis industry sector: medicinal, recreational (adult-use), and ancillary (real estate, ancillary products & services, and biotech). Nic and his Co-Managers from Silicon Valley are responsible for discovering, vetting, and investing in legitimate, scalable, cannabis products, brands, companies, and projects.

Nic is known for his passionate commitment to importing demonstrated best practices from other industries. His awe-inspiring track-record of building strong cannabis businesses and guiding others towards their own victories has established him as a trusted, proven resource for anyone considering investing in the cannabis industry.



3C Consulting, LLC
December 2014 - present

3C Consulting, LLC™ is a national cannabis and hemp business strategy firm founded with the goal of bringing responsible, sustainable practices to the emerging cannabis industry and setting industry standards to continue shaping business for the better. We help clients design, start, scale and optimize their cannabis businesses, from large-scale, industrial hemp production to discrete management and consulting projects.

We are experts in agriculture, business management and regulatory compliance. Our unique combination of expertise and perspective is invaluable to our clients. Our team is comprised of farmers, agriculturalists, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and teachers who apply scientific, organic, sustainable methods that reflect best practices from industrial agriculture and the passion we have for this plant and its truly awesome potential. 

Our mission is to help guide and grow this rapidly evolving industry. We will do this by being stewards for our clients, for the world and for the plant itself. We embrace the Triple Bottom Line approach in everything we do, from our turnkey solutions to our company ethos, and in partnership with our clients and the industry. We are setting new expectations for results that unite economics, the environment and society to define profit at a higher level. 

We understand the challenges, issues and opportunities in the industry, and we use that wisdom and perspective to keep our clients ahead of curve, avoiding potential pitfalls and costly errors, and navigating the inevitable complications that come with a high-growth industry in its infancy.

CEO & Managing Partner

Multiverse Capital™
July 2018 - present

Multiverse Capital™ is a broad-based set of investment funds covering all sectors, legal, domestic, and international of the cannabis industry.

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

Hemp Benchmarks
December 2014 - present

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

Cannabis Benchmarks
December 2014 - present


Western State Colorado University

Bachelor's Degree
2008 - 2012



English Spanish


Pesticide Workgroup Member

Colorado Department of Agriculture (Environment)
April 2015 - present

Cannabis and Hemp Workgroup Member

Colorado Department of Agriculture Markets Division (Health)
December 2015 - present

Steering Committee Member

Cannabis Business Executive
January 2017 - present

Advisory Board Member

New England Cannabis Network (NECANN)
June 2017 - present

Steering Committee Member

Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project (Health)
November 2017 - present

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member

California Cannabis Industry Association
June 2018 - present

1/11/2018 2:28:37 PM,
Nic Easley replied:

Depending on the state or country requirements and type of operation there could be a large difference in cost either to conceptualize, implement, train, or maintain recurring successful IPM systems. IPM involves trainings, certifications, time, as well as tools and equipment. Tell me more about your operation and plans and we could better provide a general summation or outline for services.