Robert O'Shaughnessy

Co-Founder & President of Marketing & Digital Services

Higher Ground Agency

Co-Founder and Marketing President at Cannabis-Centric Marketing, PR, and Social Media Agency. Interests include web, branding, & strategy.

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Robert O’Shaughnessy is co-founder of the Higher Ground Agency, a PR & Marketing firm in California. Robert leads his agency’s marketing team. The agency provides comprehensive PR, Social Media and Marketing services, and Robert focuses on agency projects like website builds, branding & identity projects, marketing strategy and messaging, and in general walking clients through the process from the inception of an idea to being a recognized brand.

Robert is also the California Chair of the Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA), an organization that hosts monthly networking events for cannabis industry pros. Each CMA event has a featured expert or panel offering participants action-oriented “how to” advice to succeed in the industry.

Robert is a frequent speaker and published writer and has spoken at cannabis industry events including NCIA events, Cannabis Marketing Association events, and NECANN. He began his career as a writer, and the written word will always be his first love. After graduating from Boston University, Robert spent 1999 – 2001 living in Prague while teaching English. He would undoubtedly he happy to grab a beer with you.

8/30/2017 10:32:39 AM,
Robert O'Shaughnessy replied:

There are so many variables here. The biggest question is abotu local laws. Albania is different than Czech Republic, for example. If "early stage" still means "illegal" then the country where you are will be a very important determining factor. That said, my advice to any start up is to begin with branding and identity. Who are you and what do you look like? Then a website. And then social media.


PS: I spent a couple years in Prague after college and got to travel around a bit. I would be interested in learning more.

6/6/2017 1:09:22 PM,
Robert O'Shaughnessy replied:
Yes, dramatically. There are a lot of resources on this topic. The short version is that, because the major mainstream social media sites do not have policies that are concurrent with state choices on cannabis, one risks being shut down for messaging that is perfectly legitiate in other industries. I would be happy to discuss more if you'd like. Thank you for reaching out.